Our Story

Ashley (co-owner of Bloom Kids Collection)

I’m just a normal mom, living in a chaotic world. I’m a Jesus lover and coffee drinker.  I’m married to James and am blessed with three littles—Brinley, Kambrie, and Everly. (I also must mention we have a furry family member who goes by the name of Bellah).

I started Bloom with the goal of it being more than just a boutique. I wanted it to be a boutique with a purpose, for a cause. Bloom’s purpose is to brighten the lives of children around this world; my hope is that Bloom can help make their smiles a little brighter, their laughs a little louder, and their lives a little better.  The bigger Bloom “blooms” the more Bloom can GIVE—by him, for him, through him. 

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Jayme (co-owner of Bloom Kids Collection)

I’m married to Bryant (Ashley’s brother—yes, we’re sister in-laws) and have been blessed with two children, Mia and Cooper. (I also would like to note that we have a furry family member named Ellie). I’m a working mom who on most days doesn’t know which way is up. However, each day I manage to pull it together with the help of coffee, Jesus, and my family. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that tomorrow is never promised. Do what makes you happy, and the rest will fall into place. 

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Our Story

Why we started Bloom Kids Collection:

  • Uniqueness – We noticed when we would go places that everyone’s kids were wearing the same things and that what their kids were wearing our kids also had in their closets. We wanted our kids to be a little different, so we began “shopping small.”
  • Quality – Over the years we’ve observed that some clothing lines and product brands far exceed other lines/brands. We developed an appreciation for their quality and care, so we switched over to focusing solely on purchasing just those lines/brands.
  • Researched – We researched and tried every baby/kid item out there and knew which items were worth it and which weren’t. We began to wonder: Why not have a place to bring everything together for moms like us? We spent hours researching, reading reviews, trying to find the best and the most effective and efficient items and clothing for our children. 
  • Gender Clothing Goodness – We wanted to carry cute stuff for boys AND girls. Time and again we’ve noticed that the market is saturated with awesome girls’ clothing, but when it comes to boys’ clothes, there is little to nothing that “fits” the ideal cuteness we envision for our families.
  • Best of the Best – We wanted a place where we could bring all the best brands and designers from around the world, all in one place. No more having to search tons of websites for the latest, greatest, or most unique children’s gear! 

Our general rule at Bloom Kids Collection is this: If we won’t put it on our children, then we won’t sell it! All that being said, we’re delighted you’re shopping our collections, and we are thrilled to bring you the latest and greatest in lil’ fashion trends. We look forward to giving back together.


Ashley & Jayme