Q&A with One-half of Bloom Kids Collection: Meet Jayme

Indiana-based entrepreneur Jayme Whitaker is a jane of many trades. By day, her office setting is a classroom full of miniature-sized customers from the unique demographic of second grade. Then, she switches gears—or chalkboards. The other part of her schedule includes running a children’s boutique that is so much more than just a virtual place to shop: the brands are handpicked with Jayme’s own littles in mind, and there’s a twist of philanthropy at the heart of the business.

Jayme grew up in an entrepreneurial household. While she didn’t pursue business as a first career choice, her childhood was immersed in learning the stresses and benefits from her own parents as they operated a crane company. Today, her children have a front row seat to that same experience. In the midst of teaching and running Bloom Kids Collection, Jayme is busy raising Mia, Cooper, and the furriest member of the household, Ellie. Her children are very much a muse for the types of products she looks to sell, pursuing wearable options focused on comfort.

And Bloom is certainly a family affair, in more ways than just filling shelves with brands for her own kids. Jayme and co-owner Ashley share much more than budgets and business sense—they are also sisters-in-marriage. Early last year, the duo first conceptualized their small business dream, officially opening for business just a few months later.

Meet Jayme.

What is the biggest challenge of being a mom and business owner?

Time management. Between teaching, running Bloom, and being a mom and a wife there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. I absolutely love every single one of my roles, but each one definitely takes time and is a different responsibility.  

How do you determine what brands you want to sell?

First and foremost, I ask myself if it is something that I would put on my own children. If the answer is yes, I then look at the quality, comfortability, and price. If I would not be willing to pay a certain amount for a product, how in the world can I expect someone else to pay it?

What is your favorite hobby?

Crafting, by a landslide. Creating Pinterest décor, outfits, etc. is definitely therapeutic for me.

What is your favorite season of the year and why?

Spring. It starts to warm up, things are coming back to life, and the kids can play outside.

What is the must-have product that you sell?

Moon+Beck is currently my favorite line that we carry, and it is impossible to choose just one item. All of their products are modern and stylish yet extremely comfortable. My three-year-old loves her Moon+Beck pieces, and I never argue with her about wearing them because she looks adorable.

What do you hope your children learn from watching you run a business?

I hope that my children learn that they can do anything they set their minds to. If you truly believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything. It may not go according to plan the first, second, or hundredth time, but if you truly believe it is possible in your heart, it will be.


Being a boss mom comes with rewards and plenty of challenges. Balance can sometimes be an imaginary unicorn, and the clock never has the 36 hours in a day an entrepreneur really needs. But Jayme says the theme of her 2018 will be more time management and less procrastination.

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