Spring Cleaning Tips for the Modern Mama

When people mention spring cleaning, I picture Mary Poppins running through a playroom, snapping her fingers and rushing the children to tidy up the space. And by tidying up, I mean things are stashed out of sight, not necessarily with any real purpose in mind and definitely with no thought as to how you will find those items the next time you need them.

But in this modern era of Pinterest, mommy blogging, and going green, there is a better way to approach the longstanding tradition of spring cleaning. After all, this is the season of new beginnings, which also means we’ve got fresh options on the table for how we do everything—including sorting, decluttering, and eliminating. There are oh-so-many options to take this annual tradition to new heights, leaning on three trending philosophies:


One way to truly get your money’s worth out of an item is to make it last. Find other uses for it. Repurpose the thing.

Spring cleaning is as much about getting organized as it is about taking a step back to see how to do things better. By reusing items, you are saving yourself an extra shopping trip and some money. If you’re a crafty mom, old clothes can be transformed into shopping bags, pillowcases, or curtains. They can also be used to create kids’ costumes, dress-up outfits for dolls, and new fashion items. For instance, if your littles’ legs have outgrown their pants, turn them into a pair of shorts.

Plus, you can always restock your rag bin, especially since you are about to dive into a deep clean of your home for spring.

Pay it forward

One of the best way to downsize the clutter is to donate to others who may have a need. Whether it’s clothing, toys, or books, there are so many outlets to make sure your valuables make it in the hands of someone who can put them to good use. Get the kids involved in understanding philanthropy by asking them what they want to share.

Churches, nonprofit organizations, libraries, and shelters are a great place to pay it forward. Sort through your stuff and cut it down by at least 25 percent. This will free up space in your home and ease the burdens for other families who may not have the budget to buy brand new. However, a good rule to remember is donation does not mean junk. These are not locations to unload your unusable garbage.

Hand it down

Most of us have been on the giving—or receiving—end of hand-me-downs, and sometimes we scored a great find. This option works if you have younger children or extended family members, close friends, or even neighbors with smaller kids. If you have an eye for buying durable clothes made of quality fabrics, like Bloom Kids’ brands, then someone will really appreciate being gifted with additions to freshen up their wardrobe.

And if you’re unsure of how to approach someone about giving away your stuff, make it sound like they are doing you a favor by finding a home for your favorites that just don’t serve a purpose in your household anymore.


Spring is a time for new life to bloom, outdoor play to resume, and vibrant colors to spread throughout flower beds. It also provides a blank canvas that shapes the rest of the year. But out with the old to make room for the new does not have to be so literal. Before deciding to stash or trash items that serve no purpose for this stage of your life, consider some alternative ways to make sure your investments do not go to waste. 

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