How to Shop Winter Styles That Kids Actually Want to Wear


From baby girls in beanies to little boys in joggers, contemporary trends in children’s fashion scream style with a relaxed flair. Adults want clothes that are comfortable, and the littles in our lives are no different. Cue the season of cold temps, holiday parties, and mandatory Elf on the Shelf placement, and closets demand forward-thinking apparel with the smallest customers in mind. 


When Layers Are Required

This year’s must-have pieces are all about cute but comfy, like the Mud Pie Turkey Set that combines a tweed rosette turkey applique with the glam of gold glitter leggings. And because the weather calls for extra items—like hats, ear warmers, and joggers—the battle to get kids bundled up has likely entered round one. Ding, ding.

An effortless way to accessorize this winter is to pick items that serve dual purposes: they can be worn during sword battles with dad and on outdoor adventures to grandma’s house. One of our favorite go-to’s in tot trends right now is Buffalo Check. They make functional fashion like this flannel toboggan hat. Always aim for vibrant colors or standout prints, like checkered patterns.

When They Want a Say

By now, you may have noticed that your kids are developing their own keen eye about what they want to wear—even before mastering potty training or reciting the alphabet, in some cases. Jayme Whitaker, co-owner of Bloom Kids Collection, says to embrace the stage.

“Each child is their own individual person and at an early age develops their own sense of style,” Jayme said. “Children are constantly exploring and shaping the person they are and will be. With that comes an exploration in fashion and clothing as well. Their individuality is what makes them unique in a uniform world.”

The daily WWE match for outfit choices may not be easy, especially if it doesn’t match up with your vision or venue. There will always be that one must-wear item that a child insists on wearing over and over and over. Sound familiar? Try making the kids part of the process.

“Find a fabric that is soft and kid-friendly. Let them feel the fabric and how soft it is,” Jayme explained. “We don't like to be uncomfortable so why should we expect our kids to?”

“Also, let them mix and match to create their own style,” Ashley, co-owner of Bloom, said. “We love bamboo fabric and have multiple brands in that fabric—with dresses, leggings, jogger pants, etc.”


 When They Have to Match

Twinning seems to be a common tactic of parents for the mandatory Christmas card photo shoot and family get-togethers. There are subtle ways to pick coordinated outfits without alerting the little troops.

The Brinley Dress, for example, is a playful ensemble with a full-tiered tulle skirt. The lace sleeves make it ideal for a formal occasion, but also fitting for an afternoon tea party in the playroom. You can match baby brother in this suspender onesie with a jazzy plaid bowtie. Complete the look with Mud Pie boys’ jeans and signature onyx moccasins.

2017 styles for kids are not too far off from adult fashion. Brands are moving to cozy clothes that still make for Instagram-worthy posts, minus the torture of putting a small human in stiff, uncomfortable fabrics. No filter required.

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